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Our Emerald Earrings.

This selection of emerald earrings has our latest work from our jewelry shop. You will find from classic emerald stud earrings that you can enjoy every day, to very elegant and formal sets for a special evening. Do not forget to take a look to the drop earrings, dangle and chandelier styles that are always special and beautiful.

All the emeralds in our earrings are hand selected one by one, and all the sets are handcrafted in our shop for master jewelers with more than 20 years of experience. When you get any of our emerald earrings sets you can be sure you are getting a very special jewelry piece made with responsibility and love.

Emerald Jewelry.

Emerald is the gem for spring and the birthstone of May. Its grass green color is known to bring calm to the soul and its internal inclusions are called jardin (garden) being these one of the most special characteristics of this gem. From the Queen Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde natural emeralds have a lot of fans and lovers.