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Welcome to Queen Emerald, your expert Colombian emerald jeweler

We’re happy to see you visit us at Queen Emerald, your expert Colombian emeralds jeweler. For those who love the finest quality emerald jewelry, only true Colombian emeralds will do. The geography of the country is known to produce the most desirable colors of green emerald anywhere in the world. Emerald gemstones have been long heralded as the most beautiful precious stones because of their rarity and beauty. While emeralds are found in mines in a few different regions, it’s universally accepted that Colombian emeralds offer the most coveted green hues and top quality of emeralds found anywhere on earth. Because Queen Emerald is a family owned jeweler with decades in this business, you can trust our emeralds to be the finest available anywhere in the world.

Choose from Designer Styles or Custom Emerald Jewelry Creations

At Queen Emerald, you have the option of selecting gorgeous designer styles with our handpicked Colombian emeralds, but you can also request a custom piece made exclusively for you.  Enjoy browsing through our collection of emerald jewelry or loose emeralds and contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you select the perfect Colombian emerald item that will surely become your signature piece for years to come. Not only do we offer the finest quality Colombian emeralds, but our expert craftsmanship sets us apart from other retailers.  We care about our emerald jewelry and our loyal customers.


WOW OMG. The ring is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for a good smooth transaction and your attentiveness in my purchase. I'm sure I'll be the envy of many ladies.

La Verne Romano (Yerington, NV)

Absolutely a beautiful piece Jose. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. This being my third business transaction and having nothing but the best quality pieces in my wife's collection is a honor. Thank you very much again for coming thru.

Adam Barkey (Dobbs Ferry, NY)

Received the emerald necklace yesterday. It's a keeper!!! My wife will really enjoy it. I maybe looking for matching earrings for next year. Thanks again.

Cecil Kirksey (Tampa, FL)

Just to let you know, I have received the emerald earrings and they are beautiful - exactly what I was after. Once again, thanks for your help.

Nidara Sadinlija (Como, Australia)

Jose, The emerald necklace is beautiful and she loves it. Please thank the guys in the shop for crafting such a lovely piece. The emerald is also outstanding and it was an excellent selection by them for the necklace. Thanks again to all at Queen Emerald for another beautiful Emerald piece. Kindest regards.

Claude Baker (Kingwood, TX)

I received the two rings you made for me earlier this week, and they look very nice. Debbie is very happy with them, and I think you guys did a very good job.

Glen Rountree (Littleton, CO)

I wanted to thank you for your professional delivery and follow through.  It is always a bit uneasy ordering through the internet, especially for larger financial exchanges, and you handled each step in a way that made me feel more comfortable and confident things were being taken care of. I would have no problem recommending your services and thank for the ring, it was very well received.

Michael Newport (Redondo Beach, CA)

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